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The Old School House


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About the boxes

Up until December 2012 I used to accept commissions. I decided then that I would concentrate on my own designs and ideas. Alongside the range of jewellery boxes, desk boxes and ring boxes that I have developed over the last twenty three years I plan to experiment a little, to take chances and give a little more of a free rein to my imagination.

Wooden hinges

All my boxes have wooden hinges, some are large "strap" hinges, some are more subtle "back" hinges and sometimes I hand make wooden dowel and use these for pivots. I use almost exclusively English hardwoods and choose those woods that have that something extra or special about them. Ripple sycamore for example or burr elm or ancient yew. Some woods tend to suggest the style of box, burr oak I think tends to suit the large strap hinges whereas ripple sycamore tends to lend itself to an altogether more restrained design.

Back hinge

Back hinge jewellery box in beech

Strap hinge

Strap hinge chest in Lacewood


All of my boxes (except the "ring boxes" and the "little boxes") are individually numbered and signed on the base and come with a certificate with information about the wood in general, how to care for the box and if possible, information about the particular tree the box was made from.

Personalised certificate

These certificates can be personalised with a few words either formally or informally


Boxes can also be personalised by engraving either directly onto the wood itself or onto a wooden panel which is then set into the wood.

Personalised jewellery box engraving

Personalised jewellery box engraving

Engraved jewellery box insert panel

Engraved panel on a jewellery box


The price of a box can vary enormously. I make a range of boxes which are priced at around £80, a leather lined desk box starts from around £265, a fully fitted and lined jewellery box may be nearer £800 and a chess box complete with board and triple weighted ebony and boxwood pieces is £4,000. Price tends to reflect the time taken to make a box and its complexity rather than the materials, although in some cases such as Victory oak for example the material can have a significant effect on price.

Wych Elm Designed Dales

Designed for the dales in Wych Elm

Special Commissions

I no longer accept commissions for individual boxes but I would be happy to discuss making a small set of boxes. For example I recently made eight boxes to contain freedom of the city scrolls for St. Helen’s council. I also recently made a set of ten boxes to contain a special edition of the book 'Woodcock and Pin-feather Painting' by Colin Woolf and Joanne Woolf.


Payment can be by card (debit card for preference) by direct transfer, by paypal (payment to or course by cheque. Post and packing for the larger boxes is £12.00 and delivery is by overnight courier. For the smaller boxes delivery is £8.00 and I use first class post.

Fissured Yew Jewellery Chest

Fissured Yew Jewellery Chest

Another Fissured Yew Jewellery Chest

A Similar Fissured Yew Jewellery Chest

Personalised selection and delivery service

Customers often find it hard to make the final choice between one box and another. Sometimes too, it’s not easy to ‘see’ the box in its eventual location. To solve this problem, I’ve introduced a new service.

I will bring the boxes to you!

All you need to do is narrow down your choice to a maximum of five boxes and I will bring them to your office or home.

The cost is a standard £50.00 plus expenses. Expenses will be calculated at 25p per mile for fuel, any car parking and congestion charges, and £50.00 overnight charge if the total distance is greater than 350 miles. This would apply to anywhere within mainland UK. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss bringing the boxes further afield.